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Sprockets and Castings

Gear rim

Ferry Capitain, a Groupe CIF company, designs and manufactures large sprockets, pinions, pinion shafts and other castings. We offer castings in grey cast iron, cast steel and FerryNod. Thanks to the long experience and the know-how acquired in more than 180 years, Ferry Capitain and Groupe CIF has established itself as a world leader in the heavy industry sector and in particular in the cement sector.

FCMD GmbH, in cooperation with Ferry Capitain, offers our worldwide heavy industry customers all the benefits, such as diagnostic facilities, calculation and product design, manufacturing, inspection, on-site installation and maintenance and other support. All these processes are subject to a monitoring plan and constant control for quality assurance.

Groupe CIF has a team of trained and specialized technicians and engineers to carry out diagnoses with vibration analysis, visual inspection, temperature measurements on the teeth. We also offer spare parts to reduce downtime to a minimum.

In addition to gear rims, we also offer the production and design of mill bases, raceways, trunion and other cast products. The new machining centre VBCM16 offers us the possibility to machine large workpieces in a particularly time-saving way with only very low set-up costs.

Gear Rim
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